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Here is the currently available software available from Hogweed. It totals all of... erm... one at the moment, but never mind, there'll be more ... And remember that all these are open projects, and you are welcome to contribute additions should you so wish.

Now available:
  • Mapmaker - Ever fancied illustrating your walks with accurate maps but have been put off by the Ordnance Survey's exorbitant charges for using theirs? Well, try Mapmaker! With the aid of integrated grid references, and a range of inbuilt icons for landscape features, you can construct your own accurate and appealing maps. Currently at version 0.2; watch out for new improved version 0.3 soon!
  • Convict - Remember the old days of the ZX Spectrum and the Jet Set Willy game? Well, CONVICT is Hogweed's attempt to recreate such a game, and an engine for creating your own versions of such games, while taking advantage of the advanced colour features of modern PCs. I've started on this and hope to make an early - and obviously highly incomplete - version available soon.

Last updated 12/12/01